If I had a llama, what could I do with it?

Show ring

Some people like to raise llamas for pleasure and to take them to llama shows where the animals can be judged either for conformation or performance.

Sheep with guard llama

A number of the llamas that we raise get jobs as sheep guards where they very quickly learn to protect the sheep from predators.

pack llamas

Some of the larger, stronger animals end up working as packers for people who love to go hiking but don’t want to carry a heavy load. Llamas have been used for millennia as pack animals in the South American Andes.

These llamas are hiking through an alpine meadow in southern British Columbia.

Shearing a llama

The fiber on a llama is very fine and when shorn, can be knit or felted into warm clothing.

Llama pulling cart

A use for llamas that is getting more and more popular is carting where the llama is trained to pull a cart. The llama pulling the cart is named Prime Thyme.

Preschool tour

We have a number of pre-schools who love to visit our farm. The llamas are very gentle with the children, who are thrilled to have the llamas eat out of their hands.

Of course the new crias are always the favourite part of any tour.

Llama visiting school classroom

A well-trained llama loves to go visiting and Cholo in this photo is visiting the local elementary school. Cholo has also posed for an art school class.

Llama visiting in hospital

Cholo is used to visiting hospitals and nursing homes. This patient has a poster above her bed from a previous visit two years earlier.

Llamas in parade

Llamas are always popular in local parades. The two young llamas in front are about a year old and were fascinated with all the sights and sounds.

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