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If you need llama fibre for this project we now have kits for knitting this hat available.
They include instructions and proper amount of fibre.

Four size 5.5 mm dp or circular needles and four size 6 mm dp or circular needles.

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Fibre: 2 ply, 50 grams Colour A, 20 grams Colour B.

With 5.5 mm needles and colour A, cast on 86 sts. Divide onto three needles.

Plain or raised rib (K into the back of every knit stitch, purl as usual.)
Rows 1 & 2: Rib Colour A.

Row 3: Rib Colour B.

Rows 4 to 9: Repeat Rows 1 - 3 twice.

Row 10: Rib Colour A.

This will give you approximately 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm) of ribbing.

If you wish to turn the ribbing up increase rows to give 3 1/2 inches (9 cm).

Row 11: Change to 6 mm needles. K, decrease 6 sts. evenly around hat (80 sts.).

Row 12, 13, 14: K, Colour A.

Row 15 to 35: Snowflake pattern. Background Colour A, Snowflake in Colour B.

Row 36: K6, K2 tog. Repeat across row.

Row 37: K.

Row 38: K5, K2 tog. Repeat across row.

Row 39: K.

Row 40: K.4, K2 tog. Repeat across row.

Row 41: K.

Row 42: K3, K2 tog. Repeat across row.

Row 43: K2, K2 tog. Repeat across row.

Row 44: K2 tog. across row.

Weave remaining sts. together.

Make pompom for top if desired.

If a llama design is required, replace snowflake design (13 rows)
with design No. 3 from Pattern No. 1 (11 rows)
plus extra plain row before and after. Pattern total 13 rows.

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