PERUVIAN HAT (Ch’ullu or Chullo)

If you need llama fibre for this project we now have kits for knitting this hat available.
They include instructions and proper amount of fibre.

Four dp or circular needles 4.5 mm for small size, 5mm for medium and 5.5 for adult.

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Three colours two-ply fibre.

Approximately 35 grams colour A, 35 grams colour B, and 15 grams colour C.
(28 grams equals one ounce.)

Gauge: approximately four sts per inch and six rows per inch.

This pattern is Sharewear.

If you use it you can send us whatever you think it is worth, or at least send us a photo of your finished project.

Earflaps (make two)
Cast on 3 sts. in colour A
Row 1: K
Row 2: Knit front and back of each st. to make 6 sts.
Row 3 & 4: Repeat Row 1 & 2 (12 sts.)
Row 5: K4, P4, K4.
Row 6: K4, Inc. 1 st. by knitting front & back of next st. (abbrev: “Kf &b”) K2, Kf & b, K4 (14 sts.)
Row 7: K4, P6, K4
Row 8: K4, Kf & b, K4, Kf & b, K4 (16 sts.)
Row 9: K4, P8, K4
Row 10: K4, Kf & b, K6, Kf & b, K4 (18 sts.)
Row 11: K4, P10, K4.
Row 12 & 13: K.
Row 14: Pattern K6, K2 col. B, K2, K2 col. B, K6.
Row 15: K4, P2, P1 col. B, P1, P1 col. B, P2, P1 col. B, P2, K4.
Row 16: K6, K1 col. B, K1, K1 col. B, K2, K1 col. B, K6.
Row 17: K4, P2, P2 col. B, P2, P2 col. B, 4 P2, K4.
Rows 18, 19 & 20: K.
Row 21: K4, P10, K4.
Row 22: K
Repeat rows 21 & 22 three times and repeat Row 21 once more. (Repeat twice only for small size.)

Leave on needles.

Should measure approximately 4 inches.

To earflap #1 cast on 28 sts.
To earflap #2 cast on 16 sts.
With dp needles or circular, knit across earflap #1, then #2.
Divide equally between three dp needles.

Row 1 - 8: K in col. A (6 rows for small size.)
Rows 9 - 14: Pattern No. 2 in colours B & C
Row 15 to 20: K in col. A (4 rows for small size.)
Rows 21 & 22: K in colour C.
Rows 23 to 33: Pattern No. 3 in colours B & C.
Rows 34 to 35: K in col. C.
Rows 36to 39: K in colour A
Rows 40 to 43: Pattern No. 1 in colours B & C.
Row 44: K
Row 45: K1, K2 together to end of row.
Repeat Rows 44 and 45 twice.
Row 50: K2 together to end of row.

Sew remaining sts together.
Crochet around bottom edge with col. B.
Make tassel for top and lower edge of ear flaps if desired.

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