Photos on this site

All the photos on this site were taken by either Jane or Brian Pinkerton.

As a service for students doing reports on llamas,
this page will let you find photos you may need to use.
(This is only a small sampling of the photos on our site.)

Clicking on the photo will open a window with the photo,
clicking on the text link will take you to the page with the photo.

Alpaca in Chile

Alpacas and Parinacota Volcano Alpacas and Parinacota Volcano, Chile

Child riding on a llama

Children feeding a llama

Cria being born

Cria nursing

Cria nursing 2

Cria running

Cria with warm coat

Felted bunny

Girl getting a kiss from a llama

Guanco in Patagonia Guanco in Patagonia

Guanaco jumping a fence

Guanaco with new baby

Guanacos in water

Llama after spitting

Llama beans

Llama being shorn

Llama covered with snow

Llama eating from Frisbee

Llama guarding sheep

Llama halter

Llama in Chile

Llama in van

Llama meat drying in Chile

Llama placenta

Llama pronking

Llama pronking sequence

Llama pulling cart

Llama running

Llama shedding

Llama skeleton

Llama standing against fence

Llama teeth Llama teeth

Llama teeth 2 Llama teeth 2

Llama visiting a hospital

Llama walking

Llama with maple leaf Llama with maple leaf

Llamas breeding

Llamas eating from hay feeder Llamas eating from hay feeder

Llamas fighting

Llamas packing in Peru

Llamas reflecting in lake

Male llama Male llama

Pack llama lying down

Pack llamas on dike

Unhappy llama after spitting

Vicuna in Northern Chile Vicuña in Northern Chile

Women feeding a llama

Young child with a llama

Young llama and cat

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