Mount Lehman Mailbag

This page has a small selection of e-mails that we have received.

It is notes like these that make having the web site worthwhile
and we do appreciate hearing from visitors.

This is the best site I have come across! Finally a site with a wealth of knowledge to share. Keep up the good job.

Although I have read several books, and surfed the web for weeks, there is no other site which compares. Your section on body language and vocalization, is invaluable.


Congratulations on your excellent website, really informative also fun.

It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud on my own — but I just saw your photography lesson for the first time.

Now can’t wait for my husband to see it too!


I've spent the better part of the last few days researching llamas, and found your site tonight. Boy, did I waste my time, I should have just gone here to start with . . .


Just stumbled on to your web site — It’s a hoot!

Found “rebreeding” very informative (I have 30 llamas).

Will be back soon, keep up the good work!


What an awesome website!!!!!!!

Love reading over the answer and question page. I'm learning a lot from these pages and was grateful when I found them. I'll be buying my first llama in the spring and am trying to learn all I can before that time.

I come back often when I have time and enjoy your site very much! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!


Brian who (did you) designed your website? It’s the BEST.

I keep recommending it to new owners and folks who are considering having llamas in their lives. I love the graphics as well as the information . . .


Hi there, was searching the web and found your VERY impressive web site. I think this is by far the most informative llama link I have ever seen! I don’t think you missed anything. Nice work.

I often browse looking for interesting sites . . . well I found one! Well done.


As a mother of 3 boys that are showing llamas for 4H and have to complete worksheets on llamas I was thrilled when we found your site. It has the BEST information and the pics and graphics are VERY entertaining.

Our 4H group has only been showing for about 3-4 years and it is getting to be very popular. We started out with only 5 people showing and last year there were over 20!

Again, wonderful job on your website!


About twenty-five years ago, I spent weeks among llamas around Machhu Picchu in Peru. Ever since, I have wanted a llama ! Now I have a PC (presently misbehaving) and the first thing I did was look for llamas — vicarious pleasure. Your site is a delight — pure delight. Albeit the hay story struck a knife through me . . .

. . . So, if I cannot realize my dream of having a llama soul for companion, I shall simply haunt your site!

Thank you for sharing your caringness with others. What a joy, in an increasingly “rough” world.


I wanted to let you know I really appreciated your site. You have a lot of useful information and I use it as a reference frequently.

We had our first cria born here two weeks ago and your birthing page was very helpful. I sent it as a link to everyone that was checking mom while I was at work.


My daughter is doing a project for school on Llamas. I went searching the web looking for information to help her develop a great project. Needless to say I came across your site and it is simply fantastic.

Great stuff and certainly has inspired my daughter into going much further in her pursuit of a good knowledge of llamas. Thanks.


You have the best llama page on the web and I have put your site on my links page, which I just got up and working yesterday.


Thank you so much for your wonderful site! We have been exploring it for two days now! All we wanted was a bit of information about llamas for a report. Now, we are so curious. (Much like llamas!) . . .

. . . Body Language! That’s so wonderful!! You've convinced us . . . llamas are wonderful and you are delightfully nuts! We'll be sure to keep an eye (and a giggle) on you!


Loved your website!! A llama llover and owner myself, I learned a few things and truly enjoyed your art gallery! (I believe I saw one of your paintings at the Prado . . . obviously they have a F A K E !!)

I'll return to enjoy more on an earlier evening!


I just want to thank you for your fascinating web page. It is a real treat.

The llama sounds were a superb and unexpected bonus!


Dear Brian and Jane,

We feel we know you personally, your web publications are wonderful. We have spent endless hours on your site gathering information about llamas. I have had a passion for llamas all my life and my husband has just purchased two of them for me as an anniversary present . . .


Just took a look at your site. It is phenomenal! I can’t believe you have gathered so much good stuff . . .

Jo Ann

I must say you are one smart cookie Charlie Brown. I have e-mailed you before when I was having problems getting your charts to work and eventually figured it out. Well, I had one female open all winter as I do not want a winter baby. I was told that it would take me a while to get her bred due to the time in between so I started late in March. I did a chart from your site which told me she was at the top of the 12-day cycle which was the best day to breed.

Voila, my vet ultrasounded today and sure enough she is pregnant, with just one breeding. Congratulations goes out to both of us, to you for being so smart and for me, for once listening to someone else’s advice. It made my weekend so I thank you again.

Please don’t ever get rid of that chart system, I would be lost and have to figure it out in my head.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your web pages on llamas are wonderful for the novice owner.


I am learning as much as I can find about llamas as I contemplate fulfilling my decades old dream of having them as part of my “family”. Your site has been the most helpful and beautiful of all. Your precious llamas are wonderfully captured in photo and drawings, and the writing you both have done for all of us to learn from really touched my heart.

Thank you so much and a joyous New Year (and new crop of lovely crias!) to you.


Cards and notes from children after visiting the farm.

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