Kool-Aid Dyeing

This is a very safe, non-toxic way of dying fibre. The dye is permanent. The photo below shows some of the colours that may be achieved.

You will require:

A quart sized canning jar

1 pkg. regular Kool-Aid (no sugar)

10 grams pre-washed fibre — white or light colour

1 old spoon or chopstick

Large pan


  1. Fill canning jar, half to three quarters full with hot water.

  2. Add Kool-Aid, mixing well.

  3. Add wet pre-washed fibre. Mix well with chopstick to make sure all fibre is coated with Kool-Aid.

  4. Place jar in larger pan filled with four to five inches of hot water. Place on medium heat burner.

  5. Wait approximately ten minutes. All dye from the Kool-Aid will be absorbed by the fibre and the water in the canning jar will be clear or milky.

  6. Remove from heat. Let fibre cool in dye water. Squeeze out water and lay out to dry.

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Keep an eye on Wedding Belle
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when we put Kool-Aid
in her drinking water.