Picture by Lee We recently had a group
of kindergarten children
and first-graders tour the farm.

This page has some of their impressions.

                 Lee drew this wonderful happy mom
                 and baby llama over on the right.

Picture by Lucas

Lucas said “I liked it
when we got to feed
the llamas. Thank you
for letting us come
to your farm”.

Drawing by Cameron

Cameron also liked the llamas.

Drawing by Camden

I suspect that Camden
was impressed with the
fibre we showed them
that was dyed with Kool-Aid.

Drawing by Alyssa

Alyssa liked the baby llamas.

Picture by Courtney

Courtney told us that
she liked the llamas
and the baby llamas and
that the sun was shining
on the llamas and the flowers.

Drawing by Annie

Annie filled up her page
before she could
draw the whole herd!

Picture by Samantha

Samantha must have
been impressed with the
beautiful eyebrows
that the llamas have.

Drawing by Wesley

Wesley liked seeing
the llamas.

His are certainly colourful.

There were rain clouds around
that day and Wesley shows
one of them perfectly.

Picture by Gabrielle

I wonder if that is a
self-portrait of Gabrielle
on the left-hand side.

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