In September every year we take some llamas
to the Mount Lehman Fall Fair.

Every year the Mount Lehman Credit Union
prints a calendar illustrated with
drawings done by children from the three local schools.

The September 2001 illustration was of the Fall Fair
and we were delighted to see that the llamas were included.

September calendar picture
The youngsters were delighted to have a chance
to knock their teachers into the water
while the llamas watched from nearby.

September calendar picture
Here is a detail of the llama part of the drawing.

When I was looking for photos of the fair
I realized that we hadn't taken the regular camera,
just the 3-D camera so if you have a stereoscope viewer
you can see these in three dimensions.

llama meeting mascot
Chimborazo and Sundancer had their ears up
when the Mount Lehman Credit Union mascot came around.

llama meeting cutout llama
Sundancer was not overly impressed with the llama cutout.

If you have a pair of red/blue glasses like the ones below
you will be able to view the anaglyph versions of the pictures.
anaglyph glasses

llama meeting mascot llama meeting cutout llama

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