Some of the nicest things about having children tour our farm
are the letters and thank-you notes they send later.

This page shows a few of the drawings that we have received.

Picture by Oscar

This picture,
drawn by Oscar,
was done before
the class came to the farm.

The teacher asked them
to draw what they thought
what llamas looked like.

Drawing by Erik

This picture
drawn by Erik
was also done before
the class came for their visit.

These children were
nine or ten years old.

Drawing by Sylvia

Sylvia is portraying
the birth of Ivana.

Pinky timed the delivery
so the pre-school class could watch.

Drawing by Jasmine

Jasmine, who drew
this picture, was a
who fell in love
with Wedding Belle.

(Belle is really white,
not purple.)

Drawing by Pareker Drawing by Courtney

Parker drew
his version of
Mr. Pinkerton
wearing a hat
made of llama wool
while Courtney
was fascinated
by the peacock.

Drawing by Stephanie

Stephanie was amazed
how well the llamas
got along with our dog.

Card drawn by Joanne

This is Joanne’s
interpretation of
her favourite llama,

Card by Sarah

This is the front and back
of a card by Sarah.

The shapes are all cut out
of construction paper.

Note from Meredith

Meredith spent
a lot of time working
on this wonderful
thank-you note.

Note from Bryce

Bryce was disappointed
that he didn't get to
see a llama spit.

Note from Heather

Heather got
quite creative
on this note.

Obviously she was impressed
by the llamas, especially
Avalanche who was white
and very woolly.

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