Hiking trip to Spruce Lake, July, 2005.

When we got to our cabin at Marshall Lake we found that the tree that had been one of the corner posts of the corral had blown over. A little repair with some pieces of pipe and wire and the llamas were settled in.

The next day Bill, Derry, and Joseph arrived and they produced a couple of bottles of wine that our friend Janet Boyhan had sent up for our last meal at the cabin before starting our hike. Funky Llama wine is made in Argentina and, as none of us had ever seen it before, had a good chuckle over it. Janet often goes hiking with us and we missed her this year.

On Monday morning, Derry, Joseph, Chris, and I headed for the Tyaughton Lake area where we would leave the vehicles and start the two-day trek to Spruce Lake. The weather was cool which was nice for hiking but it was also showery and when we got to the cabin at Taylor Basin we unloaded the llamas and put their raincapes on them. There were a few mosquitoes and flies around so the covers helped protect them from the insects as well,

The next day was still showery off and on, but the hiking was pleasant as it was not too hot. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Pizarro’s reflection in the cabin window as we were loading up.

While the four of us were struggling over the two high passes, Jane and Bill caught a ride to Tyaughton Lake, boarded a Tyax Air plane and in about twenty minutes landed at the wharf at Spruce Lake.

We listened for the plane, but we were still too far away as we reached the top of Windy Pass.

It was still cool and Bill had a fire going when we finally arrived. Joseph, a young fellow from Australia, took over the job of tending the fire. Whenever he picked up a stick though, Sebastian assumed that it was for chasing.

They say that fish bite better when it is raining, but it was clear enough that we could go fishing without any discomfort. Bill is proudly showing one of the trout that he caught. We did manage to have fish for breakfast each day.

The weather improved dramatically and one day we took a hike part way along the trail to Hummingbird Lake. This view is looking down Gun Creek with the Coast Mountains in the background.

Another day we took a hike up the Open Hart trail to a shoulder of Mount Sheba. This view shows Spruce Lake from part way up the trail.

The panorama photo below shows the view looking south from up on the shoulder.

Looking to the north, we had a great view of Castle Mountain and Cardtable Mountain.