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MLL logo Mount Lehman Llamas Farm Page Introducing some of our special animals.

Q&A Head Llama Question and Answer Pages Most questions on llamas get answered here.

birthing petroglyph Llama Birthing Page Aimed at those who are expecting their first cria.

poisonous Plants Plants that may be Poisonous to Llamas Be aware of what might be in your yard.

Body language Llama Body Language Understand the messages from your llama.

Llama sounds Our Hum Page. Different sounds that llamas make.

Short History logo History of Llamas Looking back at how humans interacted with llamas.

Llama Quiz logo Llama Quiz A quick, self-marking quiz about llamas.

Baby llama logo Cria photos Still more baby photos on this baby page.

Re-breeding logo Llama Re-breeding Hints You can also chart out the best days for re-breeding.

Easter Island statue Astounding Llama Sightings: Easter Island, Egypt, the Arctic, and more.

Llama photography logo Photographing Llamas You will appreciate your own photos after seeing these.

Stereoview logo 3-D photos of llamas, some farm views and some from llama hikes.

Kid Art logo Children's Art Drawings and letters from young visitors to the farm.

Barn Art logo Collection of Paintings hanging in our llama barns.

Famous Paintings sample Paintings with llamas by world famous painters.

Slides Slide Show: Two sets of scenes on the farm.

Hiking logo Pacific Crest Trail - Shulaps Range - Taylor Basin - Tatlayoka Lake - Lone Valley - Warner Lake - Kananaskis

Fibre logo Using Llama Fibre with pages on knitting and felting.

Fibre logo Kits with pattern and llama fibre to make hats or scarves.

For Sale logo List of llamas we have available along with the latest crias.

Llama card and envelope Llama Greeting Cards Painted llama portraits on cards.

Llama fibres Llama wool Spun llama fibre available.

Shania twain with leaf Seasons on the farm: Autumn leaves | Winter snow | Spring rain | Spring sun

Llama trivia logo Llama Trivia All sorts of interesting pictures and objects.

List of Trivia Pages:

| Trivia Examples | Metal Llamas | Musical Instruments | Miscellaneous | Pictures & Postcards |

| Cartoon Llamas | Llama Toys | Pottery Items | Variations on Dalai Lama name | Llama Cartoons |

| Paintings & Prints | Jewellery | Fabric Items | Pictures & Postcards | Music Groups |

|Jewellery | Table Oddments | Postcards | Paintings | Prints | Miscellaneous |

| More Llama Postcards | Llamas in Advertising | More Miscellaneous Llama Stuff |

| Still More Llama Postcards | Llama Stereoviews | Old Llama Books |

| Trading Cards | Still More Llama Postcards | Llamas and Carts |

| Llamas and Carts | Llama Crests and Signs | Christmas Llamas | Even more Llama Postcards |

| View-Master pictures | Postcards | More Postcards | Still more Llama Postcards |

| Llamas in Advertising | Miscellaneous | Trading Cards | More Trading Cards |

| Zoo Postcards | Postcards from Peru | Stereoviews of Alpacas | More Llama Stereoviews |

| More Llamas in Ads | Llamas on Posters | Llamas in Puzzles | Llamas on Pins |

| Things made from Llamas | Pictures & Postcards | People Riding Llamas | Postcards, Machu Picchu |

| Postcards, Sacsauhaman | Postcards, Cusco | Llamas in Zoos | Llamas in Zoos |

| Llama Modes of Tranportation | Llama Forms in Nature | Trading Cards |

| Prints with Llamas | Prints with Llamas | Paper Currency with Llamas | Coins with Llamas |

| Ads with Llamas | Peru Postcards with Llamas | Peru Postcards with Llamas |

| Peru Postcards with Llamas | Peru Postcards with Llamas | Bolivia Postcards with Llamas |

| Bolivia postcards with llamas | Bolivia Postcards with Llamas | Llama Stamps, Peru |

| Llama Stamps, Peru | Llama Stamps | Unusual Llama Stamps |

| Llama Fibre Items | Circus Llamas | Christmas Llamas | Argentine Postcards |

| Argentine Postcards | Chilean Postcards | Zoo Postcards | Lama Companies and People |

| Llama Stereoviews | Llama Wine Labels | Ham Radio Cards | Ads with Llamas |

| Misc. Llama Stuff | More Misc. Llama Stuff | Still More Misc. Llama Stuff | Even More Misc. Llama Stuff |

Bookshelf Recommended Llama Books which can be purchased directly from the page.

Puzzle pieces Five different online jigsaw puzzles

Pitt Lake puzzle Pizarro puzzle Fireball puzzle Dove puzzle Honeysuckle puzzle

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Llama Bean Award Llama Bean Award  If we haven’t replied to your e-mail . . .

links logo Links  to lots of other Llama-related Pages.

MLL logo Mount Lehman Llamas   New home page.

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