The Fraser Valley near Vancouver, British Columbia

has some wonderful places for day hikes with llamas. The hikes can range from fairly flat such as on the dikes or beaches to steeper trails in the mountainous areas. This page shows a small selection of pictures taken on a few of our hikes.

This photo was taken on one of our club outings on the Matsqui Trail which is on the dike along the Fraser River. This trail is now part of the Trans Canada Trail so if you followed it eastward you would end up at the Atlantic Ocean.

Mount Baker in northern Washington State overlooks the Fraser Valley and it commands the view from the Matsqui Trail. This area is just a couple of miles from our farm and is about forty miles east of Vancouver.
White Rock, south of Vancouver, has a wonderful flat beach where you can walk your llama for miles.
Contrary to popular belief, it is not always sunny in the Vancouver area. If you want to go hiking in this country you have to be prepared for rain.
Luckily the rain let up on this hike to Mike Lake which is in Golden Ears Provincial Park, a few miles northeast of Vancouver.
Even in cloudy weather the views can be spectacular in Golden Ears Park. This photo was taken on Alouette Lake.
A hike up Gold Creek in Golden Ears Park leads to this spot where we always stop to let the llamas get a drink. While having lunch on this particular spring day we could see and hear avalanches thundering down from the Golden Ears Mountain in the background.
Near Hope, about a hundred miles west of Vancouver there is a very scenic walk along the abandoned Kettle Valley rail bed. In the early fall, the weather is perfect for hiking.
The abandoned railway bed is now a park and this section is know as the Othello tunnels. It is good training for the llamas who have to walk across bridges and go through four very dark tunnels.
This is an easy hike as the grade is very slight but the views of the canyons are breathtaking.
Another scenic place to hike close to Vancouver is Pitt Lake. There are many dikes in this area which offer easy hiking and great views,even in the rain.

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