We get e-mail.


In response to the following e-mail
we proudly present the Llama Bean Award
to the writer . . .

“I don’t want to sound like a jerk but I’m tired of getting your e-mail and I don’t like llamas. I have had this address for a very long time and I think Smartt Net should have thought before they gave you one so close to mine. Please inform your friends what your real e-mail address is or better yet change your address to something else.”

After apologizing and suggesting that we couldn’t know
there was a problem unless he forwarded the mail
so we could send people the correct address
he replied . . .

“Here is more of your mail that just came. You have not heard from me in the past because I did not know your last name so I ignored this inconvenience and just deleted the mail. Now that I know your correct address I can tell you that I am quite fed up with it. When mail for you arrives at my address I am forced to read it
to determine if it is for me . . .

I get several messages for you each week that I have been deleting in the past. I’m sure this has resulted in lost business for you. Now that you’re aware of the situation, I will not be forwarding any more of them but deleting them instead.”

Funny thing, the e-mail he forwarded was for someone else.

If you have tried to contact us and we have not replied
perhaps this explains why.

If you make sure that there is a “p” in the “brianp”
part of the address, we will certainly get back to you.

Our complete e-mail address is: brianp@smartt.com

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