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Sire: Canadian Ambassador        Dam: Contessa

Introducing the slightly fabulous
Sarah Barnart, who has a tremendous
amount of wool, which is mostly
greys and whites. Her fibre averages
21.5 microns.

She was born on August 21, 1995
in Barn Toulouse, our art gallery
which is filled with really bad
paintings (barn art).

Sarah was bred to Wildwood Smokey
and on October 27th 1998 at 5:15 Sarah had
a 31 lb. girl who, because she was
also born in the art gallery,
is named Georgia O’Keeffe.
Her photo is below . . .

georgia okeeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe

Sarah became very
protective and would not
let Georgia out of her sight.

This photo was taken when
she was a day old.

Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind

Sarah’s second baby was
Autumn Wind who was born on
October 27, 1999 during a strong
windstorm. She had just been shorn
when this photo was taken.

Her father is Lazo.



Sarah’s third cria was
this wonderfully woolly guy.
He is a very special llama
and he knows it. This photo
was taken when he was seven
months old. The inset photo was taken
at the West Coast Llama Breeders’ show
where he took a first place in the fleece class.

His father is Amistoso Viscount.

Some of Sarah’s special friends . . .



A MLL Conquistador daughter,
Pamella has a lovely coat of
light brown soft fibre.

Her ears are something else
with a beautiful fringe of wool.

She was born on June 11, 1997.



This girl is the one llama
we have that makes everyone
look twice. You can’t believe the
number of different colours she has.

Her father is Windago, from
Lladner Llamas and her mother
is our own Patagonian Princess.

Her name is the Spanish name for
the Darwin’s Rhea that live among
the guanacos in Chilean Patagonia.

She was born on June 19, 1997.